Saturday, March 20, 2010

on the road again

Yep, history is repeating itself two years later...

We are moving! This time it's to TEXAS!

I'm so proud of Brad- he has taken a job with another bank as a Branch Manager, and we are moving to Houston! As much as I hate leaving my family in Mississippi, that's where his family lives so we know we will be taken care of!
It will be quite a transition moving to the BIG city, but we have prayed over this for several months and know it's God's plan... He works in funny ways too- this will be our second time to be moving and have a baby on the way. I will be in Meridian until I graduate in May, then it's off to Houston at 34 weeks pregnant! Is it weird that I'm not really scared at all?! Probably because I did this once already with Brody...brought him home from the hospital the same weekend Brad's dad and my dad moved us into our house in Meridian.
Please remember us in your prayers!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

24 weeks

My first preggo shot to post to the blog, and probably one of only a couple to appear :)
This was the day of my composite picture for school, hence the GLAMOROUS white scrubs to accompany my lovely white skin.

The lack of posting has been due to being in my last semester of nursing school and chasing/potty training/paci stealing from a 2 year old. Lots going on! Bro is as precious as ever and is talking up a storm. Actually he has become quite bossy now that he can tell you what he wants or wants you to do! We hear lots of "Mama 'mmmere (Mama come here)" and "Daddy rrrassel (Daddy wrestle)" Several more phrases- "car ride", "I ownt movie", "I ownt cookie", "I ownt 'itemin (I want vitamin)". He is just hilarious. The latest story... a couple of weeks ago we were watching the Bachelor and Brad and I were talking about Vienna's fake --- parts. Brody was minding his own business and in his own world playing or so we thought... about a minute passes and Bro says...
"tatas Mama".

Brad and I DIED out laughing! That's when we know that they really do listen to everything you say!