Friday, May 28, 2010

he tried to arrive...

The full moon last night made baby Archer think it was time to come on out. I started having contractions 7 min apart for an hour, then 5 min, then woke Brad up. Got to the hospital and they were 1-3 min apart and I was dilated about 3 cm and 80%. CRAZY. I had just gone to see the dr the day before and I was dilated or effaced at all. Guess it's true the 2nd baby progresses super fast compared to the first.

Dr. decided that with me only being 36 weeks it was too early, so I got 3 shots of Brethine to stop the contractions and stayed a little while,then got sent home. She is trying to hold him off for a week, but honestly I don't know if that's going to happen.

We will keep updating!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


baby Archer in my belly...

(not really me)
It's an understatement to say I'm tired. Baby Archer is SUCH a kicker. And he prefers to get his little toes into my ribs between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.
Me sleeping at night for more than 2 hours at a time is unheard of. Has been for the last couple of weeks. I'm ready for my sweet baby to be here...and not using my insides/kidney/lungs as a playground anymore.
I know Brad is tired of hearing me complain about how uncomfortable I am too. And he probably doesn't like walking next to a girl with a serious waddle. It's just not cute.
Archer will be here before we know it. Brody made his appearance 3 weeks early at 37 weeks, so it's probably sooner than later. We'll keep updating!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 14, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day...After 2 long years- including starting out in Aug 2008 with a 6 month old and ending May 2010 being 8 months pregnant- I. DID. IT.
I will be pinned and will graduate from nursing school tomorrow. It was not an easy journey, but thankfully God has surrounded me with the greatest family and friends anyone could ask for. I know that every good and perfect gift/talent is from Him, and I thank Him everyday for all the ways He continually blessed me during this time. I finished again this semester with a 4.0, and I give all the glory to Him because it was not from my actions alone.
The hard work (and occasional tears) really paid off. When I say I couldn't have done it without Brad and my family I really mean that. He is an incredible daddy and was always understanding anytime I needed to devote time to schoolwork. He supported me the whole time and was just as excited as I was to celebrate my accomplishments along the way.

And Saturday I leave for the beach with my family! I am very excited and looking forward to relaxing. The Uhaul and Brad are heading to TX Saturday morning as well. It is bittersweet as we leave our friends here in Meridian, but head to a new place where an exciting future awaits us and Brody and Archer!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mommy- mama- mom

Dear Brody Mason Jones-

No matter what you call me, it is sweet every time. I'm so lucky to be your mommy, and I truly cannot imagine life without you in it. Your blue eyes and beaming smile make every day a blessing. Your tiny hands are perfect. Your face looks just like a little angel when you fall asleep . Your laughter is contagious. I love you to the moon and back a million times. And Mother's Day is happy to me because of YOU...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daddy and Brody

Last weekend we went to visit Daddy in Texas, and we had a great time. Less than 2 weeks until we're all back together as a family again...