Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Jones family is HOME!

Hello 5 readers...this is going to be short because we have a PILE of thank-you notes to be writing. The past week has been the GREATEST ever!!! The rehearsal dinner and wedding were absolutely perfect- everything went off without a single glitch. I was pampered for the few days leading up to Saturday, and I could easily get used to having massages/my hair and nails done by professionals regularly. I mean is that REALLY what Jessica Simpson feels like every day of her life??? I bet it gets old...

Anyway- the wedding was better than I dreamed and truly was a day I will treasure, remember, and think back to daily. I am so happy to finally be married and begin a new chapter of life with Brad Jones. I will be adding some pictures, but if you're willing to go through 13 pages of them, you can go to and click on Amanda and Brad Jones, then click "view thumbnails" if you've got that much time to kill. :)

St. Lucia was completely PARADISE on earth. The negatives: winding mountainous non-seat-belted van rides where my life flashed before my eyes every 30 seconds, 90% humidity, and jellyfish. The positives: the picture book scenery, not hairdrying my hair for 5 days (because it would just be wavy as soon as I stepped outside), Francis (the St. Lucian waiter who I wanted to rescue and bring to the US), fresh pineapple every morning, pina coladas, and a sweet Caribbean tan to bring home.

I'm off to finish unpacking, review the new "family budget", and catch up on sleep. More pictures will come as I get them uploaded!

PS- I got all my hair chopped off today too! Woohoo- I'm officially looking like a little wifey. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heading home for the Big Day

No, Brad and I will NOT be taking a picture like this...

It's almost here! We're leaving Memphis for Starkville to go to our own Wedding Weekend, and I'm so excited. :) Everyone's prayers will be greatly appreciated. Pray that I don't cry like I have been the last couple of days when I think about my Daddy handing me over to Brad. They aren't sad tears- but the next day is Father's Day so I've been thinking about all the things my Daddy has done for me! He has taken care of my every single need for the last 24 years, and I still feel like his Little Girl. Anyway- it is going to be beautiful and I am so ready to walk down the aisle and be hand-in-hand with the person God picked out for me a long time ago!
We will be in St. Lucia all next week, but there will definitely be pictures to follow! Hope to see some of yall there!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I think I can...I think I can...

I feel like someone needs to break out "The Little Engine that Could" story book and read it to me about 20 times in a row. :) Only 10 days until the wedding, and I don't know if I'm handling all the stress so well. (I hope all you married people experienced the same thing a week before yours'!) I feel like my whole life is chaos right now. On top of all the craziness of planning a wedding from another town, I had a meeting with the owner of my company last week who let me know that over the next month, my job will be getting "phased out". Oh lovely- 2 weeks before one of the greatest days of my life. Anyway- I'm rolling with the punches! I have tried to be positive and get through the wedding and honeymoon happily without being too worried about the job stuff. It's not fun- poor Brad is probably ready to kill me, but he has been really sweet and supportive. I guess we're getting a dose of "real life" real early! Anyway- if anybody knows any connections in Memphis, let me know! We both know God is going to take care of us.

Mom and Dad are coming into town for the Nora Jones concert this weekend at Mud Island Amphitheater, which should be lots of fun! Daddy's birthday is Friday so Mom got tickets a couple of months ago. It should be a good time. Then we'll be heading off to Starkville EARLY Saturday morning for the rest of the weekend to watch the Bulldogs play Clemson in the Super Regional! Yayy go State. If they win, they'll be in the World Series! It's really cool that they have made it so far, and I know Brad is very proud to be an alum of that talented group of guys. I added a couple of action shots from last year so Brad can reminisce about his Glory Days. :)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Moose's Dad, Zeus

To get an idea of what Moose is transforming into, here is a picture of his dad, Zeus. He is standing up on Brad (who is about 6'2") after he said "HUG". haha. What have we gotten into...