Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nice weekend

Brad caught us sleeping this weekend. Everybody says "Sleep when the baby sleeps". It's almost impossible, but I actually did it this Saturday and it was great to take a nap!

Brad's parents came to town from Houston, TX for the weekend. They were tons of help and did some things around our house. They replaced some outdated light fixtures and worked in our yard. (We are clueless about what you cut and get rid of). I'll have to post some pictures soon- the azaleas are so pretty right now.

Saturday night Brad and I and another couple went to eat out Outback. It was delicious!

The best part of the weekend was finally getting to go to church again for the first time since Brody was born. Brad's parents kept him while we visited First Baptist. We plan to visit churches and hope to find one in Meridian really soon.

Brody turned one month old- I can't believe how much he's changed in only a month. It is so much fun having a little person in the house. He is wonderful, and is such a happy and content baby!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brad is 25 today!!!

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

Brad---You are a GREAT husband, friend, and now... daddy. I love you
so much, and I can't wait to share many more fun times with you!!! You make me happy, and I love being Mrs. Brad Jones. :)

Here are some pictures from the last 3 years...

Brad's "fake smile"...haha

a wedding in Sarasota, FL
Orange Beach, AL

Our Wedding Day

St. Lucia Sandals Resort

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brody is 3 weeks old :)

These just make me laugh too...

Brody is doing well, and he is a great baby. He is sleeping between 3 and 4 hours at a time during the night. He is such a blessing, and Brad and I love him so much. Even though he was a "surprise baby", we can't imagine life without him now... :)

Brad is a great daddy. He is an excellent diaper-changer too! He has been a huge help whenever I need anything, and I'm so thankful for him.

A Couple of my Favorites...

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I think I figured out a way to post pictures to an MSN site, but I'm not positive it works. Go to then click on the "Pictures" link on the left.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We got to bring Brody home today. He goes back to the doctor in the morning to make sure his levels haven't gone back up. He is such a little trooper- they probably pricked his foot for blood 15 different times. We are really thankful we have him back home. He has been so wonderful and SO FAR only cries when he's hungry or has a dirty diaper. :)
We have got LOTS of fun pictures of him, but we don't have internet yet at our new house in Meridian, so they will come as soon as we get it! Hopefully in the next couple of days. I'm using my mom's phone to connect to write on the blog, but I can't upload pictures. As for who he looks like---he is a 6 pound MINI ME of Brad. :)
Here's a run down of the events of the last week...I started having contractions Wednesday around midnight. Brad's mom (who happened to be in Starkville from Houston, TX) and sister drove me to the hospital because Brad was in Meridian for work and my mom was in Hattiesburg taking care of her mom who had surgery. SOOO I called mom and she rushed over in the middle of the night and picked up Brad on her way. I don't remember much more of the whole day- it's kindof a blur, but Brody got here Thursday afternoon at 3:38. I'm just glad it wasn't Friday (Feb. 29 leap day)- the poor kid would be so confused...
My mom took Brody and me home Saturday morning while Brad and both our dads loaded a UHaul in Starkville and moved us to Meridian. Brad's mom was sweet enough to set up as much of our house for us as she could before we got there. She is a really generous mother-in-law who stood in as my second mom when I went into labor.
So now, after being back in the hospital after having only been at home for a day, we are finally getting settled. We LOVE our new house- hopefully I can get some pictures up of that too.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Little Brody

Brody and I are back in the hospital in Meridian. We took him to a doctor visit this morning, and they said he was significantly jaundiced and had to be admitted. He is under special lights to help speed up the process of getting the levels back down. Hopefully it will only take a day or two to get it back to normal. Pray for little Brody. This is an emotional roller coaster. We're ready to have our baby safe at home...